"Tibet" for the Chinese appellation, claiming to be "fan", ("tibetanspeech PopA"). Tibetan for people living in different regions have different names: people who live in the Ngari Prefecture of Tibet claiming to be "Pakistani reactor", after Tibetan people claiming to be "Zang Ba", from the region of the former Tibetan people claiming to be "Weiba", living in eastern Tibet and Western Sichuan people claiming to be "Kham", living in northern Tibet and northwest of Sichuan, Gansu, Qinghai claiming for "Amdo wow". "Ba", "wow" in Tibetan language is "people". Tibetan he said many: during the Tang and song called "Tibet", the Yuan Dynasty called "Tubo", "Western barbarians", called the Ming and Qing Dynasties of "Western barbarians", "toolbot", "Tang antique", "Tibetan fan", 

Each person's heart has a piece of pure land - Tibet.
This is the ancient sacred spiritual homeland, it from recent days, from the gods recently, from Shambhala recently,
It is every believer blood obsession search -- an earthly paradise. A cloudless blue sky, ground
The vast territory, the Buddhism made this piece of land becomes mysterious and holy, it attracts me, want to give it a song.